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EcoUniv environmental book exhibitions

In August and Septemeber, EcoUniv held two book exhibitions of environmental books: one at an apartment complex and another at the monthly Organic Market in Panchavati, Pashan in Pune.

We were able to share thoughts with citizens about environmental challenges, the environmental movement, prominent environmental thinkers, and of course, the books and their messages.

Book lovers were intrigued by books like:

  1. Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

  2. GMO Myths and Truths, by Claire Robinson, John Fagan, and Michael Antoniou

  3. Pregnant with Poison, by Bharat Mansata

  4. The Sustainable Lifestyle of the Warlis, by Earthcare

  5. Alternative Water Management by Prakash Gole

  6. निसर्गायण, वेगळ्या विकासाचे वाटाडे – दिलीप कुलकर्णी

If you’d like to order these and other such environmental and sustainability books, get in touch with us at connect AT

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