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EcoUniv Weekend Reads: May 2021

EcoUniv Weekend Reads #64

2 May 2021

Mammals: Brain sizes in mammals evolved as a results of many complex factors. “The largest-brained mammals achieved large relative brain sizes by highly divergent paths”.

Ecological engineering: Wild horses and donkeys dig “wells” up to 6 feet deep in deserts. This creates an oases of water and attracts other species, supporting ecosystems and biodiversity.

EcoUniv Weekend Reads #65

9 May 2021

Animal Behaviour: Humans are not the only ones who laugh. Other animals do it too – at least 65 other species.

Listen to and read transcript of a radio interview of the researcher:

Environmental Education: In the “Understanding the Learner” series, this week we focus on fifteen-year olds (tenth grade).

EcoUniv Weekend Reads #66

16 May 2021

Research – Evolution & Ecology: Bird species central to seed-dispersal networks have stable evolutionary lineages

Research – Climate Change: Melting ice in Antarctica could trigger chain reactions, bringing monsoon rains to the ice cap

पर्यावरण शिक्षण: पर्यावरणाचा सर्वंकष दृष्टिकोन

EcoUniv Weekend Reads #67

23 May 2021

Evolution: How Darwin foreshadowed modern scientific theories.

Population Studies: The global population decline has already started happening in countries like Italy and S. Korea. It is here to stay and difficult to reverse. The global population is likely to peak around 2060.

Pollution: Half of the world’s single use plastic is produced by only 20 companies.

EcoUniv Weekend Reads #68

30 May 2021

Anthropology: Environmentalist are fond of the notion that “Hunter gatherers must have been a happy lot”. But this view is punctured when research shows evidence of violent fights among hunter gatherers or similar subsequent tribes. Such fights could be due to scarcity of natural resources or environmental pressures.

Nature Writing: Obituary of Barry Lopez, renowned nature writer, who passed away earlier this year.

Below is a para from his famous work, Arctic Dreams.

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