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EcoUniv Weekend Reads: Feb 2021

EcoUniv Weekend Reads #52

7 Feb 2021

EcoUniv Weekend Reads completes 1 year.

Technology: How the Internet has rewired our brains to seek, command and pay attention.

Animal Rights & Food: Cheap and delicious chicken sold at a large US retail chain has a dark story.

Climate Change – Impacts: A study suggests that climate change caused increase in bat species richness at select hotspots, and influenced COVID-19 and SARS outbreaks

EcoUniv Weekend Reads #53

15 Feb 2021

Economics: Around 50 years ago, famous economist Milton Friedman wrote an influential essay, ‘The Social Responsibility of Business is to Increase its Profits’

Today’s economists would do well to revisit the basic premise of this essay and whether capitalism has evolved morally based on such a foundation. An NYT podcast offers such a discussion.

Climate Change: A new book by Bill Gates on the climate disaster is found underwhelming in a review by NY Times. Do read to capture some key ideas from the book.

Pollution: Air pollution due to fossil fuels is already causing deaths in millions in India, per year.

EcoUniv Weekend Reads #54

21 Feb 2021

Biodiversity: A new comprehensive report connecting biodiversity and economics

Ecology: Cuba has less invasive species compared to other Caribbean islands. The reason: It was isolated from most of the world due to a communist regime.

Earth: 42,000 years ago, the Earth’s magnetic field is thought to have reversed. During this period, the magnetic field vanished for some time, letting solar winds in, and causing climate change and extinction.

EcoUniv Weekend Reads #55

28 Feb 2021

Restoration: In England, a golf course, of all places brings back flora and fauna.

Greening: A mini-forest, which is also an art installation in Central London should serve as inspiration to other cities for greening.

Extinct species: The Dodo’s anatomy and intelligence is re-imagined.

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